Year-End Wrap-Up: 2008!

All right, this is going to be a little different than my normal format (oh no!), but I kinda wanted to do something special. I went through all the movies I watched in the year 2008 that were also made in the year 2008 and I’ve come up with my top five favorites. They turned out not to be just the ones I rated highest (strangely enough), but were the ones that I still remember the fondest. Let’s do this in countdown form!

dark-floors5. Dark Floors

Yes, the horror movie based on and written by a Finnish metal band with them as the monsters. I had to put this one on the list because it just makes me so giggly to even think about. And I seriously was waiting for this one all year, so that probably has something to do with it.

Besides the nostalgia and silliness factors, it turns out that Dark Floors was actually not that bad of a horror flick, and there are a couple parts that are genuinely spooky. Which I didn’t expect from something made by the people who named an album “The Arockalypse.”

get-smart4. Get Smart

Honestly, I’m kinda reaching here. I didn’t want to fill this list up with superhero movies, and I do like this one… I dunno.

Anyway, I loved the series and they did a very good job transferring that feeling to the big screen, as well as updating it to be in modern times instead of the sixties. That may seem like a given, but it’s a pretty tough order to fill. Also, Steve Carell was great, but the person I still remember getting the most laughs out of me was Alan Arkin. Good ol’… incredibly old guy.

iron-man3. Iron Man

Yep, Iron Man. A comic book movie, yes, but also a pretty interesting superhero brought to life very well by Robert Downey Jr. I even liked Jeff Bridges as the bad guy industrialist, which is not the sort of role I’d have thought he would do, but there you go.

I think the best thing about this movie was that it was actually produced by Marvel, and between this and the new Hulk movie, they’re doing pretty good for themselves so far. I wish them the best of luck. Seriously. I’m tired of shitty comic book movies (I’m looking at you, Watchmen).

the-dark-knight2. The Dark Knight

I’m sure nobody’s surprised that the biggest movie of the year made this list. Yeah, with the exception of Batman’s ridiculously silly voice and the last half hour of the movie being completely and totally unnecessary, Dark Knight was a great movie.

Sure, Heath Ledger was excellent as the Joker and Aaron Eckhart was great, and I always love Gary Oldman… But seriously, Christian Bale, what was up with that Batman voice? You did just fine in Batman Begins, what happened?

wall-e1. WALL-E

This was no contest. WALL-E wasn’t just the best movie I saw last year made that year, it was probably the best movie I saw all year period. Four times.

I’m sure in a couple years when Pixar comes out with the next amazing groundbreaking movie they’ll do (which I think I heard is going to be based on John Carpenter of Mars?), that’ll be the next best movie that I’ve seen recently. Yeah, I love this movie something good.

Oh, and just as an extra little bonus, here’s the WORST movie I saw in 2008 made in 2008!

war-of-the-worlds-2War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave

Yeah, a sequel to the War of the Worlds made by everybody’s favorite worst production company ever, the Asylum.

This retarded movie involved the alien invasion (which was apparently not stopped very well the first time) returning to the Earth to kill us all again… And this time they get beaten the exact same way, only one idiot had to go to the mothership (which was a room with curtains) and inject his blood with a virus, then get eaten. God, what a terrible movie.

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